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TF Lottery: A Night In

Rubber soled shoes thudded off of stone tiles. Their wearer rounded a corner and skidded to a halt, dropping to one knee and hefting a long mass of pipes and tanks in her hand, a trigger positioned beneath it all acting as an indicator that the device was intended for war fare. The blind corner she was crouching behind was a perfect ambush spot. All she had to do was wait. Within a minute, the mercenary's patience was rewarded with the sound of hastened footsteps, drawing closer and closer to her hiding place. She braced herself. Any second now…
At once, a blue blur of movement flashed in front of the merc as she reacted immediately, pulling the trigger on her makeshift weapon. Flames spewed from the tip, coating the target in burning oil and gasoline. He howled in pain, but didn't break stride, running straight past his assailant and fleeing down a corridor, leaving a few errant drops of flame in his wake. The pyro gleefully followed her prey, taking a corner at full tilt….and found herself staring down the barrel of a heavy, shoulder mounted piece of ordinance. The wielder grinned maliciously and let fly, sending a rocket, glowing with blue incandescence, straight at his outgunned target. She barely had time to move before it struck, detonating with a massive explosion that tore her body apart and strew the various giblets around the room.

"DAMMIT!" Kari cursed, pulling off her headphones in a fit of rage. "That's the third crit rocket in a row!"
She fell back into her chair, grumbling as she watched the respawn counter on her computer monitor click slowly down to zero. In annoyance, she selected the disconnect option from the pause menu, returning to the title screen of her favourite online shooter. The young woman had half a mind to stay on and cuss her repeated assassin out, but the last time she had gone on mic and revealed her gender, she had been bombarded with friend requests and comments that ranged from lewd propositions to demands that she leave the server.

"Oy" she mumbled, staring blankly at the computer screen.
Kari was normally too lazy to be an angry person, but a domination or two was always enough to get her blood pumping. And just like coming down from a high, out the excitement of blowing enemies into pieces or executing a perfect headshot was steadily being replaced with the dull, crushing fact that she had nothing else to do on a Friday night.

Kari was a girl in her early twenties, with reddish brown hair that extended past her shoulders and a pale complexion born of a lifetime indoors. She lurched to her feet and shuffled to the fridge to grab a snack, settling on a freeze pop. Kari frowned when she realized that there weren't any grape ones left. She always liked how they turned her mouth purple. Finally settling on cherry, the young woman returned to her computer, sucking on her frozen treat and wondering what to do next. It was one of those long, lazy summer afternoons, a week or so after school had let up in that brief lull between the rigors of college and the quest for a job. Depending on the mood or what came to mind, she could amuse herself for hours online. But when lethargy struck, it struck hard, leaving her staring at the ceiling, praying for something to occupy her time. She couldn't even hit up her roommate for a chat, as Aisha had left hours ago for lunch with friends. It had probably evolved into a more in-depth outing, maybe a trip to the mall or a movie. Half of Kari wished she had accompanied her roommate, but the other half reminded her that she never got along with Aisha's circle of friends.

"Do you have any ideas Willy?" She grinned, swiveling around to face a worn stuffed rabbit sitting on her dresser. His full name was Williker, a toy that Kari aquired at the age of five and had never found it in her heart to get rid of. The rabbit regarded his owner with a blank stare and said nothing in response. Her desire for something to occupy her time had reached a level of desperate that most people reserve for sawing off their own foot to combat starvation. Kari dug through her pockets and purse, searching for a friend's number she could dial or a stress ball she could toy with. Her fingers brushed a paper of some sort and inquisitively, she pulled it out into the open.

It was a piece of purple cardstock, covered in a reflective coating that was heavily creased from being folded into quarters. She dimly remembered having it handed to her by someone near the end of exams, being told it was some kind of lottery ticket. Kari entertained herself with visions of hitting the jackpot and living in opulence for the rest of her days and decided it was worth a shot. She nabbed a quarter from her wallet and started scratching away at the card, revealing three light blue squares, each one containing a bizarre symbol of some kind. Guessing that is was some manner of slot-machine type lotto, Kari figured that she had lost, tossing the ticket towards her trash can. She felt strange warmth as it left her fingers and suddenly combusted in mid air, giving off a blinding flash of green light.

Kari flattened herself against her swivel chair in shock, trying to blink away the bright spots on her eyes.
"Huuuh" she exhaled loudly, scrambling to her feet. It felt as though every one of her senses had been overloaded when that ticket went off. She was half blind, a ringing sound echoed through her ears, she smelled something burning, there was a metallic taste in her mouth and a tingling sensation rippled across her skin. Kari's vision swam as her sense of balance started to suffer, causing her to flop back down into her chair.

"What…what the hell was that?" Kari murmured, shaking away the last of the after effects. The ticket must have been some sort of gag item, but the young woman had no idea how someone managed to fit what was effectively a flash bang into a slip of paper. It must have been some sort of magic, as in, genuine shaping-the-elements-with-knowledge-and-will magic, which she'd only been lucky enough to see a few times before. And now it had obviously done something to her.
It started on Kari's skin. She scratched at her wrists as she felt her epidermis grow cold and pebbly underneath her fingers. She ran a hand across her neck and face, feeling the same texture. Kari wobbled to her feet, picking at her new scaly hide as if she could peel it off like an orange. She cringed in pain as a single scale came away; revealing soft, pink and sensitive flesh underneath. The changes were bad enough, but Kari resolved that she wouldn't resort to flaying herself in order to combat them.

Kari's gaze turned to her hands, one of the fingers still wet with her blood. The tips began to turn a dull orange and flatten slightly into circular pads. The pigmentation continued to darken up to her wrists as her pinky shriveled away into nothing. Beyond her hands, the colour of her scales shifted to green, this new shade racing up her arms and across her face and back. Kari felt a tightening sensation in her chest, causing her to peer down her shirt, where she saw her breasts shrink away and spread themselves flat against her torso. A white coloration covered the area where they once resided, spreading up her neck and down between her legs.

"My boobs…" Kari muttered, half in shock. She had never put much stock in her mammaries. They had been too small to be impressive, yet large enough to draw the leering gaze of every other guy she'd met, but Kari was sad to see them go. Her mourning period was disrupted when she felt a jolt along her entire spine. It was as though someone had grabbed her tailbone and skull, then pulled in opposite directions. The effect was instantaneous, Kari gained a foot in height, then another, and another as her belly stretched upwards and her feet shrank away from her. The poor girl moaned as she clutched at her extended midsection, feeling something wriggling beneath the surface of her scales.

"What's….happening to me!" Kari grunted. "I've gotta…get help. Gotta-" She glanced downwards with a yelp at the distant floor, all thoughts of seeking help momentarily fleeing her head and being replaced with the thought of toppling over like an oversized domino. She reached upwards to steady herself and was shocked to find her hands easily pressing against the ceiling. The falling issue dealt with, Kari's attention was diverted back down to the tension in her tailbone, which had reached a peak and climaxed with the sensation of something erupting from the skin above her butt. Kari craned her neck over her shoulder to look at her newly forming tail, which lay thick and reptilian against the floor. She experimentally twitched a muscle she didn't have ten seconds ago and watched her new tail curl in on itself. All that she could muster in response to her new limb was a shuddering "Whoa"

The wriggling sensation in Kari's gut intensified in a manner similar to her tail. She gritted her teeth, which were melting together into bony ridges, in pain and let out a cry as twin scaly green protrusions burst out from her belly a few feet below her ribcage, writhing like snakes and growing thicker and longer by the second. Kari had little time to react to yet another set of limbs as her skull started to crack and flatten, becoming more lizardlike. A tickling sensation along her back told Kari that her hair was falling out. The radical changes continued with a rumbling twisting feeling in Kari's gut as her internal organs shifted and reformed. She gasped as something manifested in her crotch. If Kari had known more about reptilian genitalia, she would have realized that he was now a male. What he did know was the name of the species he was becoming.

"You…have got to be…..KIDDING ME" He growled in a gradually deepening voice. "I'm the freaking Geico mascot?"

The two new protrusions sticking out of Kari's midsections began to stiffen and develop orange fingers at their tips, becoming a second set of hands. Or feet; it was becoming hard to distinguish between the two as Kari's toes extended to match his fingers, shredding his socks in the process. His shorts suffered a similar fate as his lower legs contracted, shortening and accommodating a bow- legged stance. Unable to stay teetering upright anymore, Kari fell forward as his spine bent over backwards. He landed with a heavy THUNK on all fours, shaking his head as the last of the changes over took him. Kari's face had stretched into a long, flat maw and his pupils had expanded to fill his entire eye, giving them a black, glassy look. He panted heavily, trying to regain his bearings. The new gecko shifted his weight between the right pair of his feet and his left with a grimace. Being a quadruped would take some getting used to.

Kari's belly almost grazed the floor, his four legs keeping the long length of his hindquarters elevated mere centimeters off the ground. His mighty tail brushed the ground behind that, sweeping back and forth at a length that rivaled the rest of his body put together. From the waist up, Kari resembled an anthropomorphic gecko, but from the waist down, he looked like a standard lizard.

"Like some kind lizard-centaur." He muttered "A…Geckotaur" The portmanteau didn't sound completely right, but it would serve him for now. Kari's eyes began to dry up and he found himself in the unenviable position of having no eyelids to blink. His tongue instinctively flicked out and licked his eyeballs within half a second, providing moisture.

Kari paused. "Oh god" he shuddered. "Did that really just happen?" The young man ponderously shifted from foot to foot to foot to foot as the true consequences and ramifications of his transformations sunk in.
"What the hell are my parents gonna think?" He pondered, starting to notice the deeper pitch of his voice. "Dad totally lost it when Harry came out to them, what the hell is he going to say about me?" Kari tried to pace his bedroom in worry, but his new quartet of feet quickly started to fall out of synch, a few seconds of awkward shambling devolved into a stumble, them a topple flat on to his face.

"Fan-Fucking-Tastic, on top of everything, now I have to learn how to walk again" Kari grumbled, his new elongated skull lying flat against the ground. He shakily got to his feet and started to go over his options.
"Okay, no-one but you knows that you've changed, maybe you can reverse it? Maybe you can find the person who gave you that ticket and…no, you have no idea who that was." He wracked his brain, trying to think. He hadn't gotten a good look at the ticket itself, so he couldn't contact whoever made it, and he had no idea what kind of doctor would actually be able to help him out of this situation.

Kari the gecko stared at his reflection in the mirror propped on his dresser. A completely alien face stared back at him, gaunt and reptilian. He sighed and realized that there wasn't going to be any conceivable way out of this.
"Fuck it, I'll worry about this tomorrow" He muttered, letting his legs collapse underneath him. For all the misfortune his new form had in store for him, Kari had to admit his underbelly made a very comfy seat. Quietly, he booted up Minecraft and started to think about how he would sleep in his bed that night.
Just another Lottery story, because God help me, I need to submit something. As always, the effects are randomized, though I'm tiring of anthros and think I'll expand my horizons to a more varied table of possibilities.

Any reccomendations? Please let me know.
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Multimorph Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
Do all of the possibilities on the table involve sex change, or is it mere coincidence that every single one of the five so far have thus changed?
LoquaciousJango Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
There's a 50/50 chance of sex change. Try to imagine a coin flip coming up tails every time you call heads and vice versa. It's just luck of the draw.
Also, your avatar is giving me a damn seizure.
Multimorph Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Sorry. I keep meaning to change it.
LoquaciousJango Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
No, I like it.
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